Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is very well equipped. If you miss something, please let us know.

Washing machine & dryer : can be found in the storage just outside the kitchen window on the right. 

Coffee machine : activate with button on the back. Open by pulling up the silver handle from the front, put in a cup, close handle, push the size of coffee you want! When 3 cups are lit red, you need to clean/empty by pulling the black front forward.  When not being used, machine goes in waiting stand. Turn off by pushing the button like for turning on. 

Fridge & deepfreezer  : please pay attention to push the doors to close them!

The kitchen can be closed off with a sliding door. Behind that door you can find a book shelve, feel free to read/use (road map, book with Algarve walking trails, Michelin guide, ...). 

Terrace lights : switch is tot the right of the windows on the inside only. Lights for the stairs/jacuzzi area and BBQ area can be found outside in front of the outdoors stairs. 

Living area

Light buttons have indications.  Spots in sitting and dining area are dimmable. 

Entrance : buttons to close/open all shutters together.

Video unit : lits up when someones is at the gate or building door. You can speak and open the door using the unit.

Television : we have a smart TV with MEO digital tv, and also a chrome cast connected to the television.  Through the chrome cast you can stream your own digital tv from your phone onto the tv. You can also do this from your laptop through the hdmi cable (better quality). 

WiFi is available throughout the apartment 

Some board games and books (NL/ENG) are available for you to use.

Bedroom / Bathroom

Bathrooms have underfloor heating that is operated by a display in the bathroom. The easiest way to use it during your stay is by going to menu / set program / set all days the same / and then just enter start time and desired temperature.  If you enter only one start time, temp will be the same all day long.  Towel warmer and mirror warmer are operated from outside. 

Please wipe off the water from the glass door after using shower/bath!

Bedrooms offer plenty of storage, as well as doors that open onto the rear balcony. Be careful with the insect screens!!! Pull down/up with the cord, lock at the bottom left and right when pulled down.  



Please enjoy the jacuzzi, but follow these rules/guidelines :

- open by gently removing the top and putting it aside on the grass. Always put back IMMEDIATELY after use, and close tightly.

- Check the water quality before use, and also after using a few times. Add products if needed. All you need can be found in the closet under the stairs. 

- Don't use soap or shower gel in the jacuzzi! 

- after using a few times, clean the water-line with special product and a soft, clean cloth

- always close the fountain before going out and putting the top back on! 

- standard/beginner program when in use, away from home at the end of your stay

Jacuzzi Display
PDF – 260,4 KB 139 downloads

Cleaning equipment

This can be found in the outside storage under the staircase.  A separate brush/duster for the BBQ area can be found in the closet underneath the BBQ. 

The vacuum cleaner is also stored here.


Bicycles : check tires before using. Battery can be loaded in the basement, but make sure to plug out before going home!!!

Kayak : getting ready to use

- special pump available in the basement. Roll out the kayak in the parking space.

- Open the valve, blow up to recommended pressure (see kayak side). 

- put the seats in as indicated on bottom (different placement for 2 or 3 seats)

- put the fins in the waterproof bag and only put those on when by the water. Fins break easily, so be careful when taking boat out of the water as well!

- don't forget the paddles, they can be made shorter/longer

On the Ria Formosa

- you can put the boat to water either on the dock by the fisherman's houses, or on the beach to the right. Take care of the fins and don't forget to put them on!

- the fins slide in and have a security that slides in perpendicular to the fin. Make sure to put this! 

- make sure you know if the tide is going out or coming in. Current is pretty strong at times. Also the wind has some influence. 

- recommend to do some test runs across the Ria before going for a longer trip. 

- be aware of boats!

After use

- take off the fins!

- carry the kayak back in, you can put it on the 2 rolls in a parking spot and secure it to the wall with a bicycle lock

- take a bucket of sweet water and a soft cloth. Go over the kayak out- and inside with the wet cloth to absorb the salt

- take the bottom out, clean as well. There will be sea water in the bottom, this needs to be removed before storing the kayak away.