Eating out

Lunch from 12 till 15hr, dinner starts at 18.30 or 19hr depending on the restaurant.  


In Cabanas 

Cabanas boasts a lot of different styles of restaurants. Classic, local, Indian, Italian, ... something for all budgets and tastes. Be sure to try the typical Arroz con tamboril or Cataplana dishes. 

Some recommendations :

Lunch at Rosalia, near the Benamor roundabout, great value for money. Choose your fish/meat on the BBQ, comes with a nice salad for 12/14 euro


Mariscos&Petiscos : more classic style fish restaurant with great variety of choice including Shellfish platter. Best Cataplana in town.

O Pedro or Noélia & Jeronimo : Portuguese style with good choice and located on the boardwalk

Rota dos sabores : near the church close to the Benamor roundabout. Nice choice of different meat dishes of high quality

Coral : more modern style cooking, dishes to share

O Monte : lovely hidden restaurant, enjoy a cocktail first next doors in The Hippo



Tavira : so much choice, and so many nice places to sit outside and enjoy the local atmosphere.  Eat on a terrace overlooking the Gilao river, or go out to Quatros Aguas for a sunset experience (Dgusta is one of our favourites).   Modern style eating at Come na Gaveta. We can recommend O Tonel, No de Gosto, Ai Mae, D'Gusta at Quattro Aguas, Bossa or Terrazza for good quality food to share. 

Lovely atmosphere and authentic experience in Cacela Velha (Casa na Igreja)

If you want a more high class experience, go to Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, or A Ver (one Michelin star) in Tavira.


Olhao is famous for its fresh food markets, and in the evening the board walk comes alive with plenty of choice of good restaurants (Cestaria offers a more modern and qualitative interior coupled with some great food choices).  In nearby Fuseta, lunch is available with choice for fresh BBQ-ed fish or meat. Great clams (ameijoas) in restaurant Capri, or midday grill at Casa di Corvo.  The true authentic experience is available at Fialho near Fuseta.  


Typical chicken ("Frango") piripiri can be eaten at different restaurants along the N125. 


And our favourite hidden late lunch hangout? Grand Beach Club in Vila Real on the Guadiana River, including pool and beach lounge.  Across the river in Ayamonte (Spain), lunch on the terras of the Parador offers some of the best views you will find. 


Eating in

Our apartment gives you all the facilities you need to eat in, and you can buy the best ingredients locally! Cabanas offers a very small fresh produce market, but Tavira's market (Mercado municipal) gives you all the choice you need for fresh fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit,... 

Spar supermarket stocks a lot of groceries, and sells a good mix of bread. Larger supermarkets are available in Tavira.  



You are free to use the BBQ, but please be careful and pay attention :

- there is a 'fire starter', but always put it on the BBQ grill when using it

- to use the fire starter : poor coal in it while it is on top of the BBQ, put some paper or a firelighter underneath on the grill, light it and put the fire starter on top

- clean the grill afterwards, best to scrub it when still hot, that is the easiest way to keep it clean!

- only remove remaining coal the day after using the BBQ, don't put it in a bin when still warm/hot

- clean the working area and the floor after using the BBQ

- keep coal and accessories stored in the closet under the BBQ

Wine / drinks

Portugal offers a great diversity of wines at low prices. They tend to use grape varieties that are less known, and some typical wines are the vinho verde, Moscatel or Port as an aperitif,  and of course local Alentejo or Algarve wines to accompany lunch/dinner.  

Local beers are Sarges or Bock, still looking for some more special local beers.... 

As in Spain, Sangria is a popular choice on warm evenings, available in different colours.