Clams, locally sourced in the Ria Formosa, which can only be done by locals living in the Ria area. 

How to prepare?

as a starter : olive oil, garlic (be generous), coriander ('coentros'), cook until they open. Serve with some bread.

main :  replace the coriander by a good hand of freshly chopped parsley (salsa) and serve with some pasta



always ask to clean whatever fish you buy!  we prefer the full size "polvo". Different ways to prepare it : on the BBQ with some olive oil, pepper and salt.  Chopped in small pieces, in the pan with olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt.  

Unless you really know what you are doing or you want to go home with black teeth, do not try the 'chocos'. 


Fish --- too much choice

Robalo (steur / sturgeon), dourado (dorade / bream): nice full size fishes 1 pp will do!

Sardines : always a success on the BBQ

Tuna fish can be bought freshly sliced in the larger fish markets (Tavira/Olhao)