Essential Information

Building entrance

You can enter the building using the garage (remote control) or through the gate next to the garage entrance. Visitors will need to call in at this gate (look for apartment M), the gate can be opened from the control board in the living room. The entrance to building A requires a different key then the one for the gate!   Both entrances can be opened with a code, only available to friends of the family. 

Garage can be accessed with the elevator, but you need to enter code 102 AFTER pushing the button for -1. 


Outdoor Living

The apartment is a penthouse that offers plenty of outdoor space. At the front you can relax on a large terrace, partly covered, with a lounge set and outdoor dining. Also out front 2 lounge chairs are available that can be moved to keep track of the sun, and a covered BBQ area. The outdoor stairs bring you to a rooftop terrace with jacuzzi that offers views over the ocean, Cabanas itself and out to the inland hills and Tavira/Quatros Aguas. 

From the kitchen and bedrooms you can access the terrace on the back which is covered and offers shade throughout the day with a small table and chairs to enjoy reading, coffee,...



The apartment has a cellar that can be found in the garage. Entrance is the door on your left after making the turn coming down from the garage gate.  Our unit is the one at the end of the corridor.  


Swimming Pool

18m long, non heated. Access through the underground parking (left at the end through a door), be careful, you need a key to get back through that door!  Toilet available just past the door from the parking (access from pool without key).


Parking spaces : the appartment offers 2 parking spaces, letters M. One is marked as parking for disabled, no problem to use it. 



Please sort your trash as you would do at home (we hope...). There is a bin in the kitchen, and sorting bins are available behind the doors on the back terrace. Just go through the sliding kitchen window, open the closet on your right. You will find the washing machine, boiler, dryer and the sorting bins. Plastic bags for the bins can be found underneath the oven.

Dispose your garbage in the large bins in front of the building (just past the tree on the small roundabout). Seperate bins for general trash (behind the wall), paper/carton, glass, plastics.  



To open the windows, look for a handle to pull up and towards you in the middle of the window.  (Kitchen door has 2 handles as it consists of 3 parts).

Windows in the back have insect screens. Be careful with them, they are a pull-down system that locks on the floor. Always unlock both sides together and gently let the screen go up. 



Both bathrooms have 2 lights, a towel warmer and a mirror heater. Operated from outside the bathroom.

They also have underfloor heating which can be handled through the control station inside (above the toilet). 

Warm water comes primarily from water heated through the solar panels on the roof, but each apartment has its own boiler in case needed. Be patient, it can take a bit of time before the hot water comes out of the tab.



Every room has an airco unit that is individually controlled (cooling/heating). Please turn off when leaving the apartment, and don't use in combination with open windows. 


Outside storage

Back terrace : through the kitchen door on your right, 2 doors. First storage holds a washing machine/dryer, next is the boiler. Down the end of the terrace is another storage which hosts the outside airco unit. 

Front terrace : storage under the stairs, under the BBQ and behind the BBQ. Please put material back where you took it! 


Outside furniture

Please use, but protect from bad weather in case off. Cushions can be either stored in the outside storage (not on the floor!!!), or temporarily inside. 

Umbrella foot is very heavy, tilt with umbrella to roll to you preferred location. Umbrella can tilt, make sure to lock the rope and close the umbrella in case of strong winds. 


Floor plan